By Drs. Tom & Bev Rodgers

Coming from a past of broken and abusive families, Tom and Bev were already destined to fail in their marriage according to the statistics of this world. They were deeply wounded and thought that a strong relationship with Christ would immunize them against the hurts caused by their dysfunctional families of origin. Once these ghosts from their past began haunting them, they did what most of us do, they started looking outside of themselves to the “experts” in marriage to begin implementing the prescribed skills and techniques only to find themselves back in the very same place in their relationship. Out of their fears of inadequacy and failure in achieving intimacy and oneness in their marriage due to unhealthy conflicts and differences, their Soul-Healing Love Model was developed. The Lord began to give Tom & Bev a model that started to heal their souls and enable them to become healers for each other.

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