Covenant vs. Contract
: Experiencing God’s Blessing In & Through Your Marriage

By Dave Brown & Phil Waugh

This 12-week study does not provide you with scores of “self-help” tricks-of-the-trade for effectively loving your spouse. What it does provide you with is the purest, simplest and most basic understanding of the “why” you should be doing all these things. It provides you with God’s reason for communicating effectively with your spouse, resolving conflicts that arise, remaining true and loyal to your spouse even in the midst of betrayal, to grow in your relationship in such a way that others are drawn to God through you. It will help some of you redefine marriage as you now know it. For others it will provide you with a biblical understanding of ‘covenant’ and how your marriage is designed by God to reflect his relationship with us and serve as a conduit of His blessing to others through your marriage.

This study helps you better understand God purpose and plans for your marriage that exceed your expectations and imagination. It helps you grasp the importance God places on your marriage and the eternal significance it has to God. It will also provide you with opportunities to share with your spouse on levels you may have never shared regarding God’s plan for your marriage.

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