Covenant vs. Contract
: Experiencing God’s Blessing In & Through Your Marriage
 – Leader’s Guide

By Dave Brown & Phil Waugh

This resource is designed to help individuals or couples facilitate a small group study of the resource, Covenant vs. Contract: Experiencing the Blessing of God In & Through Your Marriage. It is our intent to provide even the most inexperienced leader a simple and effective way to initiate dialogue and discussion that will help couples integrate the truths of each chapter’s content into their lives.

It includes:

  • Information regarding the establishment and maintenance of a small-group study
  • An Introductory Session
  • 11 Sessions to process the information from the content of the workbook.

Each of these sessions will include:

  • Preparation for the session
  • Introduction to the content
  • Discussion of the truths found in God’s Word
  • Application of the truths to our marriage
  • A Celebration Service to bring closure to the study and celebrate their completion of the study


Price: $6.95
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