God does have a plan for your marriage. He desires to see your love grow and bear fruit. The goal of a covenant marriage is not to merely enjoy each other’s company nor is it to simply endure to the end. The goal of a covenant marriage is to glorify God in your relationship and to exemplify Christ to the world.

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As you look at your present relationship to God and your spouse we encourage you consider these actions.

As individuals, evaluate your present lifestyle and relationships based on God’s Word.

If you are divorced and there is the possibility for reconciliation and restoration of your marriage, seek God’s will in reconciling with your spouse. If that is not possible, ask for God’s forgiveness and direction in accordance with His Word and your local church family.

If you are sexually active in your relationship with your fiancé you need to understand that God views this as a sin. Ask for God’s forgiveness and for His strength to abstain from all sexual activity that dishonors Him and your spouse-to-be.

If you are preparing for marriage:

  • Consider using the covenant marriage statement, found on this site, as a guide for your marriage preparation.
  • Participate in at least six marriage preparation classes or private sessions.
  • Participate in a marriage preparation inventory.
  • Consider using a covenant marriage wedding ceremony.
  • Study the workbook Covenant vs. Contract: Experiencing the Blessing of God In & Through Your Marriage.

If you are already married:

  • Participate in at least four classes or private sessions for newly married couples.
  • Participate in an annual marriage conference, retreat, or seminar.
  • Participate in a study of the workbook Covenant vs. Contract: Experiencing the Blessing of God In & Through Your Marriage.
  • Participate in ongoing courses to strengthen your marriage.
  •  Affirm the covenant marriage pledge and pray that God will enable you to remain true to the covenant. (This can be done in private or as a part of a corporate worship experience.)
  • Participate in a Bible study for couples.
  • Request help in times of stress in your marriage.
  • Secure resources from your church that will assist you in keeping your covenant.
  • Seek professional help through your church if intervention is necessary.

As you grow in your Covenant Marriage we encourage you to:

  • Become involved in the marriage ministry of your church.
  • Participate in a couple-to-couple mentoring relationship.
  • Participate in a mission or ministry project as a couple.

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