The Covenant Marriage Movement, in partnership with FOCCUS, Inc. USA, would like to introduce you to FOCCUS©. The Most comprehensive, timely user-friendly Marriage Preparation Inventory available!

FOCCUS© is a self-diagnostic inventory designed to help couples learn more about themselves and their unique relationship. It is not a test nor meant as a predictor of success or failure in marriage. It is a tool to help couples name and work through issues before marriage. It is both a starting place and a map of what issues and skills need time and attention in preparing for a covenant marriage.

FOCCUS©  (Facilitating Open Couple Communication, Understanding and Study) provides individualized couple feedback on where each partner stands in regard to topic areas important to marriage. The results of the inventory point to issues and skills that may need time and attention in preparing for a covenant marriage.

FOCCUS© is designed to use at three levels. The first level occurs when the individuals read and respond to the FOCCUS© statements and when the couple subsequently discusses what they think and feel about the topics. This first level discussion is done before they receive the report of results. Preliminary thinking and sorting occurs during this time. Couples need a minimum of several days for this kind of personal discussion before they work with the report of their FOCCUS© results.

Time spent at this first level prepares the couple for the more problematic areas to be discussed at the second level; it often cuts down the processing time needed later with the facilitator.

The second level of use for FOCCUS© occurs with the help of a facilitator. Using the couple report, the facilitator works with the couple to look at patterns in their responses, discuss issues, and problem-solve. Most of the Facilitator Manual is to be used in support to the work at the second level of FOCCUS© use.

Every couple does not need the third level of FOCCUS© . It involves the use of the report and subsequent discussion with the couple to make a referral for specialized assistance. If the couple is resistant or the need is not immediate, the facilitator may recommend the use of special help in the future.

The content for discussion in FOCCUS© reflects the current body of knowledge regarding the relationship elements necessary for a successful marriage. There is also content on key contemporary and specialized situations couples may be addressing: couples who cohabit before marriage, dual career marriages, inter-church and second marriages.

FOCCUS© was developed to deal with all the basic issues in a couple’s relationship but it is unique among inventories in that it was written to reflect the values and ideals of marriage as  sacred. The Marriage Covenant questions in FOCCUS© deal with permanency, fidelity, unconditional love, openness to children, and shared faith in God. The same items in modified wording appear in all four editions: General, Christian Non-Denominational, Catholic and Alternate.

FOCCUS© comes in four editions: General, Christian Non-Denominational, Catholic and Alternate for learning-disabled. The Christian Non-Denominational edition is the edition the Covenant Marriage Movement has chosen to provide. All other editions, including Braille and Spanish translations are available from FOCCUS, Inc. Translations have been approved in Spanish, French, Korean, Vietnamese, Portuguese and Chinese. Other translations are in process.