Phil and Cindy Waugh have been married since 1976 and have experienced great joy in their marriage and family through participating in, and leading, marriage and family enrichment events. Their first exposure to such events came while serving as missionary Journeymen in Taiwan from 1978-80. Following their missionary work in Taiwan, Phil entered Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary to pursue the call to ministry through the pastorate.

As a pastor and pastor’s wife, they discovered an increased personal need for marriage and family enrichment. They continued attending marriage enrichment events, as well as leading such events in their church and association. With the pastorate, they found an increased number of couples struggling through their marriages. They became involved in increased numbers of counseling sessions, all the while sensing a call of the Lord upon their ministry to some form of marriage enrichment. They felt, and still feel, that providing enrichment experiences for couples and families is the best preventive medicine for warding off marriage and family crises.

They surrendered to God’s call to the ministry of Marriage and Family Enrichment in July of 1988. Phil became editor of Living with Preschoolers and Living with Children magazines for the Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention in March of 1989. In August of 1991, Phil was asked to take a position as consultant in the Family Ministry Department.

On February 23, 1999, God brought together 19 marriage and family ministries and Christian organizations together in Dallas, Texas to launch the Covenant Marriage Movement. The Covenant Marriage Movement was created for the expressed purpose of turning the divorce rate around in our nation by uplifting God’s ideal for marriage.

Cindy and Phil made a vow to follow God in the Covenant Marriage Movement on September 23, 2000, while attending the International Marriage Conference hosted by the National Association of Marriage Enhancement.

On Monday, July 23, 2001, God spoke to Phil regarding His timing. On that morning, God revealed to him that He remembered the vows they had made and the covenant He had made with them. There was no question in his heart or mind that God called the two of them out to serve as the Executive Directors for the Covenant Marriage Movement. Likewise, there was no question that He has entered a covenant with them and that everything He needs to accomplish His work is already being provided through His people.

Phil resigned his position as Family Ministry Director for LifeWay Christian Resources on September 30, 2001, in order to devote his full time and attention to the directorship of the Covenant Marriage Movement.

On January 17, 2003, Cindy, having resigned her position from the staff of the First Baptist Church of Franklin, Tennessee, began serving alongside Phil in the Covenant Marriage Movement as the Executive Administrator.

God has called them to join hands and hearts in transforming the present divorce culture, in which they live, to a covenant marriage culture through which He can be glorified. This will be done one couple at a time. Phil and Cindy, along with 39,000+ couples and 75 Cooperating Ministries, since its inception, have said “Yes” to what they believe is God’s intent for their marriages and culture by joining Him in the Covenant Marriage Movement.

Cindy and Phil have three children: Brandon, who along with their daughter-in-law Hannah, are the proud parents of Bella, Lily & Jaxon; Meredith, who along with their son-in-law Joel Smith are the proud parents of Lane, Bennett & Eden; and, Justin, who along with their daughter-in-law Emily are the proud parents of Drake.